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BEGINNER'S QUERY - How to begin/ What to start studying for english literature?

CLASSROOM PROBLEM - Sometimes it is really tough to understand what is being taught in the classroom. You try, really hard, but you don't get it. You wish there were some easy way to understand the topic. 

SOME READERS - "It has been a long time since I have read english literature, can I get a quick revision?" OR "I am not a student of literature but i wish i could get the basics of it" . 

EXAM TIME - Unlimited syllabus but limited time! All you wish for is: easy, precise, adequate, comfortable and quality notes available to prepare for the examination. 

If you get any of the above thoughts, CONGRATS, you are at the right place!


We believe in "help with love" !

It is a pleasure to be a student. We all are students and being a student is "a thing of beauty" that gives "joy forever". We love working for students and we believe "All are learners". 

Literature can be tough at times: hard to understand or uneasy for the beginners. At times you really don't understand: where to start with, how to study, what to study, what's going on in the classroom, how to revise and the most important thing- you feel highly stressed, extremely worried and fearfully panicked for the preparation of your examinations. You search for help from some qualified, honest and authentic person. Don't worry, everyone needs a helping hand and we believe in helping. We are there for YOU!

OUR AIM - We aim to help you in understanding english literature with ease. We will take you to the beautiful journey of english literature, advancing step by step to make things easier and comfortable for you. You will get the basic knowledge of english literature. You will also get good study materials for your examinations. We will cover the prominent and important topics related to english literature. We intend to help everyone who wants to learn english literature. 

There will be two sections for the students: 


In this section we will provide to you the very basic knowledge of English literature. We will explain about: poetry, novels, drama/plays, literary terms.

POETRY- Introduction of poetry, literary/poetic devices, poetic terms, types and forms of poetry. 

NOVELS- Introduction of novels, types of novels. 

DRAMA/PLAYS- Introduction of drama/plays, types of drama.

LITERARY TERMS- Introduction of literary terms, various literary terms. 


In this section we will explain to you, in detail, the study of various: poems, novels and dramas or plays. 

POEMS- About the poet, summary of the poem, critical analysis of the poem. 

NOVELS- About the novelist, introduction of the novel, important characters, summary of the novel, themes, other important details. 

DRAMAS/PLAYS- About the dramatist or playwright, introduction of the drama, important characters, summary of the drama, themes, other important details. 


Literature with Subodh was founded by Shailee & Subodh on June 18 2020. Mr Subodh is a UGC NTA NET examination qualified scholar who has completed his graduation and post graduation in English Literature from Banaras Hindu University, India. We have a dedicated team of postgraduate experienced scholars who love their work and work passionately for students. Our team is truly devoted and professional. We aim to provide to you the knowledge of english literature and its basic understanding in a simple and easy way. We understand the problems of students and thus we intend to give them the solutions in the best way possible. We believe in the concept of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (from Maha Upanishad) meaning 'The World is One Family'. 


Literature is the art of life in words. Technically, it can be called as creatively and imaginatively 'written works' using aesthetic languages. It is written not only to depict the literal meaning (like in history, newspapers, etc) but also to give different shades of meanings: reading between the lines. For centuries it has been transmitted, from generation to generation, orally in the form of folk lores, folk tales, hymns, prayers, etc. Later it was transformed into written forms like poetry, plays/drama, novels, prose fiction, etc.

Literature is the philosophy of intellectual minds. It is the sun of life, the moon of dreams, the water of thoughts and the fire of imagination. It is "the mirror of the society", beautiful blendings of dreams with reality, art with creativity and imagination with sustainability.

It has come a long way since its inception. It is the finest example of "the survival of the fittest" theory. It has evolved with time and is as fresh as a dawn. 

Why literature?

Literature gives you the knowledge of life. It gives you a perspective, a vision, a different and broader way to see the world. We grow our own unique definition and understanding of life. It shows- what the truth is and what it can be, how the world is and how it should be. Literature has the power to evoke your senses and to transcend you into another world. It has the power to make you human!

In the present scenario, it is very much essential to have your own perspective, your unique thoughts, your independent decisions and one's own individual identity! You have to be smart, unique, professional and effective. You must possess the quality to impress, to express, to attract and to influence the listener or the reader or any person even in daily life. Literature does the trick for you. That is the reason why everybody needs literature because it has the power to change your stars! 

Thank You and Regards! 
Shailee & Subodh 

Believe in Yourself, You are Someone !